Why Orlando Investors Should Work With a Property Management Company

As a rental property investor, you are looking for an affordable, reliable property manager who will take care of the hassles and frustrations associated with your rental property so you don’t have to. At the same time, you want to continue getting a good return on your investment. Specialized Property Management is committed to helping Orlando investors get a better return than they could get on their own.

Even factoring in management fees, we are able to help you earn more by helping them avoid costly mistakes, reduce turnover, leasing faster, and placing more reliable tenants. We also help them save on the services and materials they need while reducing maintenance costs. In the end, our team of specialists ensures the best in every aspect of property management.

Today, let’s talk about some of the services that are included in professional property management.

Professional Property Management Marketing

Marketing your home professionally and strategically will result in reducing vacancies and costs as well as a better tenant selection. With our marketing resources, we can get your listing in front of a wider range of tenants. We place your property details on our own website and we remotely advertise on all of the most popular rental sites. We know where tenants are looking for their next home, and we are sure to get your property in front of them.

As we begin to get interest in your property, we handle the phone calls and messages. We follow up and answer questions, do a little pre-screening over the phone, and schedule showings. When tenants are interested in applying for your property, a good manager will walk them through the process. We provide easy online applications and tenant support along the way.

You may not think that marketing a rental home really impacts your ROI, but it does. Marketing well will reduce the time your property is vacant. It will attract the highest quality tenants so you can be sure you’re placing someone who pays rent on time and takes care of the home. It gets you the exposure you need to successfully rent your home. We include pertinent information in our listings such as rental amount, property size, and when it’s ready for occupancy. We include excellent photos, our contact information, and an invitation to see the home at the convenience of your potential tenants.

Professional Property Management Leasing

Once you have one or two applicants, the leasing process begins. At this point, professional property management is invaluable. That’s because tenant screening requires experience and resources. You don’t want to place the wrong tenant in your property. If you do, there may be late rent payments or no rent payments. You might have to evict your tenant and when you finally get into the property, you might find an appalling amount of property damage. Bad tenants don’t follow the lease and they have no respect for your home. Property managers prevent this from happening.

Our leasing process is systems-oriented. We collect all the necessary information on the tenant’s application and then we carefully screen them. We look for past evictions, criminal histories, and any red flags that would preclude us from renting to that applicant. The tenants we place at Specialized Property Management are qualified, responsible, and reliable. We look for stable credit, good employment history, and enough income to cover the rent payments every month. We talk to former landlords and we make sure there aren’t any past due balances or debts owed to former landlords and property managers.

We go over the terms of the lease with your tenants, and make sure they understand the most pertinent parts, such as rent collection policies and a list of who is responsible for things like utilities, maintenance, and HOA fees. The tenants sign the lease, and we collect the security deposit while we agree upon a move-in date.

The benefits of professional leasing are numerous. You get a more qualified tenant. You get a lease that is compliant with all Florida and federal laws. And, you can be sure your property is protected when we conduct our detailed move-in inspection. This documents the condition of your home and helps us establish whether any damage was left behind at the end of the lease period.

We make the process legally compliant and more efficient. You’ll have less to worry about.

Professional Property Management Maintenance and Inspections

Many Orlando investors get frustrated with rental property maintenance. This is understandable. It can be expensive and time-consuming to respond to repair needs, put together a vendor list, and follow up to make sure the work was done properly.

With a professional property manager, you can count on an immediate response to both routine and emergency maintenance. Good property management companies will invest in technology that allows tenants to submit maintenance requests online. This provides us with written documentation of the work that was done on your home. As an investor, you’ll have access to those repair requests as well as the invoices that result from them.

Good property managers will have an excellent network of vendors in place who are affordable, licensed, and insured. You won’t have to worry about finding a plumber in the middle of the night when a tenant calls with a water leak.

Inspections are also a big part of maintaining your home. Instead of scheduling time to do them yourself, you can rely on your property manager to expertly assess and evaluate your rental property before a lease begins, during a leasing period, and after the lease is over and the tenant has moved out. You’ll be able to see whether your tenant is taking care of the property and following the terms of the lease. This is an important part of protecting the condition of your home. You need to have someone inside taking a look around and talking to the tenants. We can do that for you.

Maintenance costs are always lower for professionally managed homes. We catch problems earlier and take care of preventative maintenance issues so there aren’t any big, expensive surprises. We work with great vendors and we coordinate everything with your tenants. The result is a well-maintained home that’s attractive to good tenants and increasing in value.

Property Management Accounting and Finances

Professional accounting services should be part of your property management agreement. We can help you keep track of all the income and expenses associated with your property. When your property management company provides you with a monthly statement and detailed reports, you’ll always know how your property is performing. You won’t have to guess and you won’t have to assume. At tax time, you’ll have all the documents you need to file an accurate return.

In addition to providing you with financial oversight, we also help with financial management. If a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time, we can begin a collection process that ensures the money comes in as soon as possible. We know how to hold the security deposit according to Florida law. We can ensure you are financially compliant at all times, and we can take care of making sure you don’t lose money on costly errors and tenant disputes.

When Things Go Wrong: Evictions and Legal Problems

You’ll be glad you hired a property management company if you find yourself needing to evict a tenant or show up in court. There are processes that need to be followed, and professional property managers understand them and can protect your property and your financial interests.

We understand the Florida eviction process, and we have systems in place that will prevent them. Individual landlords are easy targets for fair housing claims, tenant lawsuits, and other risks. You will have a lot more peace of mind with a professional management company handling these things for you. Our team works with attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, and other professionals to make sure you’re protected at all times. We’re here to work with tenants on renters insurance, and we know how to respond if you receive a complaint from a state, local, or federal agency.

Good property managers are always on top of professional development. We’re learning the legal changes all the time and keeping up to date through our local professional memberships and associations.


When you’re looking for professional Orlando residential property management, consider us at Specialized Property Management. Our experienced property management team provides what no investor could do on their own. And, we save you money in the process. Meanwhile, our investor clients can see everything that is happening with their property around the clock from anywhere in the world from their online owner portal. We believe in transparency and communication, and most of all – we believe in the effective management of investment property.

As the thousands of investors we work with can tell you, you won’t find a more professional, experienced, or reliable property management company in Orlando. Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you. Contact us at Specialized Property Management.

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