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Located just ten miles away from the world-renowned city of Orlando, Florida, Union Park is a quiet suburban neighborhood that gives residents all of the comforts of home at an affordable price. Living in Union Park, Florida provides endless entertainment to locals and tourists including the festival “Light up UCF”, kayaking, bowling, airboat tours and adventures, limo bike tours, delicious dining, rafting, paddleboarding, and fishing. The comfortable climate that averages between 72 and 92 degrees annually allows for constant outdoor living and enjoyment. The housing market in Union Park, Florida is hearty and strong as rent prices sit above the national average at $1,633 for a single-family home while the national average comes in at $1,474. When compared against other major cities in Florida for rent trends, Union Park came in as 2nd highest rent increase in 2019 with a 4% increase. The national average year over year increase is only 1.6%. Living and investing in a rental property in Union Park, Florida is a promising venture. Our friendly city has attractive schools with “A” ratings, employment opportunities, and endless entertainment. If you own or are looking to own an investment property where you can make your goal of living the American Dream come true, find out more about Specialized Union Park, FL Rental Property Management Company.

How Specialized Property Management in Union Park Can Serve You

Picking out a rental property in Union Park can be a long and studious task that ends in the hope of having a successful rental experience. However, it is the expertise and experience from our Specialized Property Management Orlando team that allows investors to have a guarantee of success. If you are looking to boost your rental income, cut down on maintenance costs, attain highly qualified tenants who stay long term, and management efficiency, our reliable team in Union Park is ready to serve you. Property managers must be able to juggle the many daily tasks of managing a property from maintenance requests, to the scheduling of vendors, to move out notices, to lease compliance and so much more. That is why we offer the following services to our clients to give them every opportunity to be successful:

  • Local Expertise: All of our leasing staff professionals at our Union Park, Fl rental property management company are locals that live in or around Union Park, providing valuable insight into the rental and housing market. Our team is familiar with desired neighborhoods, pricing, nearby entertainment options, shopping, dining, and commuting. 
  • Low Vacancy Rates: Cash flow can be quickly interrupted by high vacancy rates. At Specialized Property Management Union Park, we understand that every day a property sits vacant is money out of your pocket. We understand that your success as a property investor is our success as a property manager. We attribute our decreased vacancy rates to a thorough and rigorous tenant screening process, extensive market analysis, and aggressive marketing of the vacant property. 
  • Thorough Screening Process: Make certain that you get the right tenant in your house. Our rigorous screening process requires applicants to fill out an application to rent, submit income proof, undergo a credit and criminal background check, verification of employment, and rental history verification. Our Union Park, FL rental property management company accepts only responsible tenants and upholds the screening standards that can benefit landlords for years to come.
  • Streamlined Rent Collections: Get rent deposited into your account more quickly than ever through ACH deposit. Our automated system alerts our staff if a tenant is late on a rent payment so that the process for obtaining the payment is seamless. Clients can also opt for the security and safety net of our Eviction Protection Program. In the event that an eviction does occur, many of the costs and risks associated with an eviction are covered. 
  •  Experienced Maintenance Technicians: Receive the best pricing in town due to our preferred vendor pricing and experienced in-house maintenance technicians. Our vendors are licensed and insured to limit liability to us as a property management company and our property owners.
  • Online Access for Tenants and Clients: Access information regarding your rental property from anywhere in the world with the internet. See online accounting, chat with a member of our experienced staff regarding property information, check the status of a rental application or number of showings during the leasing phase, view maintenance requests, and more. Tenants can also pay rent online, request maintenance, and contact our Union Park, FL rental property management company through our website. 
  • Routine Property Inspections: It is a known fact that preventative maintenance keeps maintenance costs in check. Specialized Property Management in Union Park takes the time to inspect the property inside and outside to ensure it is in tip top shape. Everything is inspected including plumbing, electrical, landscaping, appliances, structural, and lease compliance. Keep maintenance costs at bay while we work to keep your property safe. 
  • Efficient Management Skills: Time is of the essence when it comes to maintenance emergencies and tenant requests. Our property managers in Union Park, FL put our clients and tenants as the top priority and work efficiently and effectively to solve problems to satisfaction.
  • Rigorously Trained Staff: Our leasing professionals undergo extensive training ensuring that they are professional, knowledgeable about the housing market and laws, and reliable to both tenants and clients when needed. 
  • In-House Legal Counsel: Protect yourself and your asset by choosing our Union Park, FL rental property management company. Our in-house legal counsel helps to prevent costly mistakes made often by private landlords.

Leave the headaches and hassles of property management to us. Entrust us with your investment for safekeeping and continue to benefit financially from your investment rental property. 

Affordable Management Fees

Our management fees are cost-effective and specifically designed to save investment rental property owners money in the long run. Management fees can often be complicated and difficult to determine. That is why Specialized Property Management in Union Park keeps it simple. We charge a simple leasing fee to fill the vacancy and our monthly management fees are a flat percentage of the monthly rent rate for a comprehensive spectrum of services. Clients who choose SPM find that our management fees pay for themselves, as we are more reliable, efficient, and careful with our management than our competitors. For example, filling a vacancy two weeks faster with our Union Park, FL rental property management company pays nearly half of the typical management fee for the entire year. 

Our Price Match Guarantee helps clients know that they are getting the best rate that property managers in Union Park, FL has to offer. If you shop our competitors and are quoted a lower price for the same services, we will happily match the price. The days of having to settle for substandard service due to affordability are behind you. Get the best service for the best price. We are so confident that our clients will love our service, that we offer a 60 day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Find safety in tenant placement as our experienced team guarantees tenants up to ten months after placement and will replace the tenant free of cost in the event of a lease term break. Once you sign a Union Park, FL rental property management company agreement with our team, we guarantee that your management fees will stay the exact same for three years. This allows property investors to budget and plan for the future. No more unexpected increases for management fees. We guarantee legal and ethical compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and financial practices. Technology is a driving force in the property management industry and is used to its fullest at Specialized Property Management in Union Park. Clients can expect real-time analysis with business reporting. Our software systems alert us when it is time for lease renewals, property inspections, and routine maintenance. Do the research, ask the right questions, and bring our competitor’s proposal to our friendly and professional staff in Union Park to get started with the best in the business, today.


We understand that you want to find out for yourself, but we are proud to share just a few of the testimonials from our Union Park, FL rental property management company clients who have expressed their gratitude for our service, tenant placement, leasing process, and reliability: 

“They are my first experience with leasing. I won’t go elsewhere. From start to finish they have been great. And we’re not finished yet! I am very happy with your service and can think of no improvements.”

—Mike M .

“They make renting a property, even when out of state, incredibly easy!”

—Andy F.

“We have found them to be responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They have made leasing our house a positive experience.”

—Eric K.

“They are thorough in vetting potential renters and take the worry of owning a rental property away. The maintenance staff is top notch.”

—John L.

Specialized Property Management has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Why You Need Specialized Property Management in Union Park

Take the unknown and the risk out of managing a property as a private landlord. Too often, property investors try to manage a property on their own, just to discover it is more than they bargained for and costs are eating away at their profits. Our streamlined process at our Union Park, FL rental property management company allows investors to save money as we cut down on maintenance costs, fill vacancies more quickly than private landlords or our competitors, and cut down on turnover rates. Eliminate your risk from an unfortunate eviction due to our rigorous screening methods and our Eviction Protection Program. Our team in Union Park is waiting and ready to serve you. Call (407) 682-3355 today for a no-obligation quote.

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