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Located just 20 miles northeast from Orlando, Sanford, Florida has everything to offer residents and tourists alike. From the stunning views of Lake Monroe to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens to Gemini Springs Park, there is always something to do in Sanford. Residents can be seen walking the brick streets of downtown Sanford, biking along water-front trails and walkways, dining at world-class restaurants, socializing at bars, shopping, attending high ranked schools, or traveling in and out of the Orlando Sanford International Airport. The housing market offers large properties, many that are beautifully restored, and a quiet place to live. Niche reviews show that locals love how the city has developed over the years, giving residents more options for entertainment, as well as the “melting pot” of cultures that expand the city. The median home value in Sanford is $179,836 according to Neighborhood Scout, making it an affordable investment property location. Data shows that Sanford rent prices have increased by 7.04% within the last year from $1,307 to $1,406. Sanford is an ideal location to live a quiet and relaxed life while having entertainment at your fingertips, and profitable rental property. It is because of the high demand for Sanford property managers in Florida, that Specialized Property Management expanded services to this beautiful city. With more than 30 years of experience, we feel confident that our expertise and knowledge of the community and rental property industry will provide our clients with superior service. 

Services Offered By Specialized Property Management in Sanford

Owning a rental property requires knowledge, experience, organization, and patience. A property manager’s job is never done and never takes a vacation. A rental property is someone’s home, a renter’s home, where they should feel safe and cared for at all times. The way that a property manager interacts with clients and tenants can be very telling as to how professionally they treat the industry and situation. Specialized Property Management has a team of experienced licensed professionals that can assist rental property owners in a full-service property management agreement. Here is a list of the ways that we can serve you:

Strict Screening Methods

SPM’s Sanford property managers know that choosing the right tenant can make or break your experience as a rental property owner. If you pick the right one, you are likely to have a pleasant and positive experience as a real estate investor. Pick the wrong one, and you will wish you had never bought an investment property in the first place. That is why Specialized Property Management upholds the highest standards when it comes to tenant screening. One of our goals as a property management team is to limit the client’s risk of an eviction. When accepting applications to rent, we require the following:

  • Application to Rent 
  • Income Proof 
  • Credit and Background Checks

Decreased Vacancy Rates

At Specialized Property Management in Sanford, we are proud that data shows that our vacancy rates are lower than our competitors. Our aggressive marketing strategies and extensive knowledge in the property management industry serve us and our clients well. When a property becomes vacant, we advertise across dozens of websites, provide 3-D tours, full property details, attractive rental prices, and work efficiently and quickly at securing interested prospective tenants. Our local expertise on market trends and rental rates ensures clients get top dollar for their rental while staying competitive against other Sanford property managers.

Streamlined Rent Collections

It is common for property managers and private landlords to dread monthly rent collections. But at SPM Sanford, our streamlined rent collection process has made the monthly work easy and efficient. Our online payment options include deposit rent checks which all but guarantees a monthly rent check on time each month. Our world-class operating software alerts us if a rent payment has not been received and automatically moves forward with the next step in collecting rent from the tenant. ACH deposits allow clients to be paid faster than ever. 

Reliable and Cost-Effective Maintenance 

Unknown maintenance costs can drive so much fear for potential property owners that they never invest in the first place. Little do they know that Specialized Property Management in Sanford, FL, has tried and true calculations that it suggests to rental property owners so that maintenance costs rarely come as a surprise or take a huge hit to your bottom line. Our licensed and insured maintenance technicians are reliable and have quick response times. It is our belief that a quick response time to a maintenance request can often reduce the price of the repair, when compared to Sanford property managers who fail to act quickly when a tenant requests maintenance. Our tenants and clients can expect a less than 24 hour turnaround time on maintenance requests. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our Preferred Vendor Pricing from our long-time vendors that provide superior service. 

Routine Property Inspections

A proven way to reduce maintenance costs is by performing routine property inspections. Our professional inspection team has saved property owners thousands of dollars by performing biannual interior and exterior property inspections. Our team is trained to catch a repair before it becomes a problem. Property inspections also provide our expert team the opportunity to ensure lease agreement compliance. 

Online Access for Tenants and Clients

We understand that it is our job to look after and protect your property while you benefit from the financial rewards of property investing. We believe that transparency with clients and allowing every opportunity for communication between clients and our Sanford property managers will let them know that we are here to serve them first. All you need is an internet connection and you can unlock all of your records online to keep up to date on your property and its performance. When a property is in the leasing phase clients can view an application status, see security deposit disbursements, view accounting ledgers, and more. We welcome two-way communication and give ample ways that clients can contact us if needed.

Eviction Protection Program

No property management company can guarantee that you will not have an eviction. Tenant circumstances change and sometimes an eviction becomes unavoidable. Specialized Property Management in Sanford offers an Eviction Protection Program that keeps more money in property owner’s pockets in the event of an eviction. The Eviction Protection Program pays for filing fees, legal fees, and court costs for unlawful detainer actions. Reduce your risk of an eviction and let your mind be free of the hassles and financial downfall associated with evictions by enrolling in our Eviction Protection Program.

Why Specialized Property Management is Superior to its Competitors

Why settle for a Sanford property manager that does not offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee? The company that you choose to manage your investment portfolio should meet and exceed your expectations. At Specialized Property Management, we feel so confident that you will love our services, that if you are not completely satisfied after 60 days with attempts to make it right, you can receive 100% of your money back, hassle-free. We also feel that our pricing is so competitive, that we price match guarantee. If you find a better price for the exact same service and bring it to our leasing professionals in writing, we will match it. Rest easy knowing that you have chosen the right property management company that will make you a successful real estate investor.  

Real Client Testimonials and Experiences

The Better Business Bureau backs up the fact that rental property owners who hire Specialized Property Management in Sanford, FL, have exceptional experiences with our Sanford property managers. We are happy to report that we have an A+ rating with the BBB. 

“Outstanding customer service and professionalism. All the folks at Specialized Property Management treat their tenants like family and always go above and beyond to service customers and give helpful recommendations to all, ensuring that we have an awesome experience with Specialized Property Management.”

James S.

“Specialized Property has provided a tremendous service to me since April 2009. I will say this was my first personal property prior to moving out of state and there I signed off my house to Specialized to manage the well being of my house, I will say I was concerned that this would never work out as most long distance relationships. Since then I discovered that even being out of state, their Sanford property managers provided me with a painless business relationship from day one and always continued to improve their quality of business as the years went by. I would recommend Specialized Management in a heartbeat and the same goes for considering them for a future opportunity.”

Charlie G.

“Specialized Property Management has been the best management company I have had the opportunity to work with. As an investor I have many properties and I have dealt with many property management companies. My property in Fort Worth, TX was marketed and managed in a way that I can only say was exceptional. The professional staff were a pleasure to work with when I visited my property to do an inspection. The system they have in place at SPM works, down to the lease for tenants. I cannot praise SPM enough. Not sure if they read these reviews but I know I thanked you guys profusely already but I had to do it again :-)”

Jean-Luc A.

It is a high priority for Specialized Property Management to know that our clients feel cared for and that we have their best interest at heart. We know that it takes a lot of trust to put several hundred thousand dollars worth of an investment in the hands of others. Our Sanford property managers value our client’s trust and their outstanding reviews.

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