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Residential property management is becoming increasingly complex with growing tenant expectations, regulatory requirements and technological demands. As a result, Specialized Property Management Orlando has grown to service a wide variety of clientele across the nation.

Some property managers will focus on one specific area or dedicate themselves to a certain type of property. At Specialized Property Management in Orlando, we have the resources and the talent to handle a wide variety of property types. We work with investors and landlords of all sizes and all experience levels. We enjoy having a diverse base of clients, and it only helps us to improve our customer service and our management processes.

If you’re currently a client of ours, we’re glad you choose to work with us, and we hope you’ll consider referring us to friends or family members who may need help with residential property management in Orlando.

If you’re not a client yet but you’re thinking about professional property management, we look forward to speaking with you. We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you and what we can do to make you a more successful landlord and investor.

Today, we want to tell you a little bit about the owners we do work with.

Property Management for Owners and Landlords

Homeowners rely on us if they choose to relocate, downsize or find themselves unable to sell. They depend on our stability, affordability and expertise to avoid costly mistakes. A large part of our client base is the homeowner who wants to rent a home he or she once lived in, or a property owner with just one property to rent out.

We can meet your needs in a number of ways by providing full-service leasing and management services. While caring for one home might seem like something you can do yourself, it takes a lot of time and knowledge that you might not have. If you’re juggling your own full-time career, family responsibilities, schooling, or other commitments, it might be hard to be available to your tenants and your property at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to find the time to screen tenants, keep up with maintenance, respond to disputes, and learn the laws. Unless you’ve worked with residential real estate before, you may not understand the fair housing laws, the security deposit requirements in the state, and what you have to do to provide a habitable and compliant rental home.

Our experienced team will take care of everything for you. We will market your property online to prospective tenants. We’ll handle the showings, we’ll provide the applications, and we’ll put your potential residents through a thorough and consistent screening process that results in qualifying the best tenant for your property. You can count on our system to deliver a tenant who will pay rent on time, follow the lease requirements, and help you maintain your home.

Next, we’ll handle the lease agreements, the collection of move-in funds, and the move-in inspection to document the condition of your home. Once a tenant is in place, we’ll collect rent and respond to repair requests. You’ll always be able to access information about your property when you need it. We’ll provide you with an online portal, where you can see when rent has been paid, if maintenance invoices are outstanding, and how we track the income and expenses associated with your property.

For homeowners who are renting out a property, the process can often be very emotional. This is especially true if you’re renting out a home that you once lived in. We understand, and we do everything we can to take good care of your property and to provide a buffer between you and the details involved in day-to-day management. We treat this like a business, and we don’t get caught up in emotional entanglements or frustrating disputes with tenants. Everything is process-oriented, and we protect your asset as well as your cash flow.

Earning money on your property when you aren’t ready or able to sell it is an excellent opportunity for building wealth and creating financial security. You don’t want to jeopardize that by attempting to manage the property on your own. A professional property manager understands the legal complexities and has important relationships in place that will keep your home performing well and profitable.

Property Management for Orlando Investors

Another large group of people we work with are individual investors. These clients look to Specialized Property Management to avoid the hassles and headaches of managing rental property. Not only do we help investors manage their income-producing properties, we also help them get a better return on their investment, whether they have two properties or 12 properties.

Perhaps you’re local to Orlando and slowing building a portfolio of rental homes in this growing and profitable market. If you’ve been managing those homes on your own but it’s starting to take up too much of your time or stretch the limits of your management expertise, it’s important to realize that you can actually earn more by allowing a professional property management to take care of those homes. We can work faster and leaner, and the result will be lower expenses and higher profits.

You’ll save on vacancy times with fast tenant placement. You won’t have to worry about showing the property, screening tenants, or negotiating leases. We do all that, and we collect your tenant’s security deposit and move them in. We enforce the lease, we collect rent, and we ensure that all of the everyday details are taken care of. You’ll want to know how your investments are performing, and we’ll provide statements and reports on a monthly basis.

If you’re an investor who lives outside of Orlando, you know that a local presence is absolutely critical. We can respond to emergencies and make sure your security deposit is lawfully held in a Florida bank. We will inspect your home, ensure the tenants are meeting their obligations, and do everything we can to avoid expensive turnovers.

Individual investors who are growing a portfolio and increasing wealth don’t have the time to oversee a number of different homes in several different Orlando neighborhoods. You’re better off looking for the next best investment opportunity. We’ll make sure professional management is worth the cost. We’ll help you earn more and spend less on each of your properties.

Property Management for Institutional Investors

We also work with large institutions like investment firms, banks, mortgage lenders, and government entities. These investors contract with Specialized Property Management to provide reliable, comprehensive investment management for their residential real estate portfolio. For these clients, we specialize in asset protection and cost management.

You’ll benefit from our outstanding relationships with local vendors. Many of the workers and contractors we hire provide volume discounts for us, and we pass those savings onto our clients. We have access to the best technology, the most innovative systems, and a team of talented and committed individuals who know the Orlando market well and can deliver the profits and the resources that you need.

Our institutional investors are always growing and changing. Luckily, we can be flexible with our management plans and create customized solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. You’re never going to want to settle for anything other than stellar customer service and property management that’s based on experience and best practices. We deliver that, and so much more.

Nationwide Service with Specialized Property Management

Specialized Property Management in Orlando understands the local market. We know how the rental market is performing, and we know what tenants are looking for in a home. You’ll get all the local expertise you need from our talented team.

Working with us gives you another benefit, however: a national presence. We can handle geographically distributed investment portfolios. Perhaps you have half of your real estate investments in Orlando, and the other half in Dallas or Atlanta. We can still manage your entire portfolio because we’re in all those cities. It’s one-stop shopping that saves you a lot of money and a lot of hassles. Our nationwide presence provides the resources, tools, and solutions you need to invest anywhere.

Thousands of property owners and investors across the nation depend on us because we offer more experience, reliability, professionalism, and most importantly, a focus on getting the best return. We know that you are investing in rental properties in order to make money. We help you do that.

As the property management industry leader with over 35 years of experience, we have redefined residential property management. We’ve helped to lead it from a makeshift cottage industry into a truly professional asset management service. We do more than place tenants and collect rent. We ensure that your real estate investments are managed as well as any financial portfolio.

handshakeIn the end, Specialized Property Management is trusted by homeowners, institutions and investors nationwide for a reason. Nobody does property management better.

Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you. Contact us at Specialized Property Management in Orlando today with any questions or concerns.

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