Orlando Property Managers at Specialized Property Management Give Back to our Community

As motivational speaker and philanthropist Tony Robbins put it, “the secret to living is giving.” At Specialized Property Management, we know that we owe our success to you. We also know that success does not begin and end with one company. That is why our Orlando property managers feel it is essential to give back to our communities. One of the organizations that we feel a strong commitment to is the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah. Specialized Property Management has contributed charity donations to both the NAC and the Wounded Warrior Project. In conjunction with the NAC, we also support our valiant veterans who have bravely fought for our freedoms here in America. 

“For Specialized Property Management, this is an opportunity for us to give back to those that have given so much,” said Vice President of Finance, Mike Jeppson. “Part of our mission at Specialized is to help people find a home that they can call their own. With our support of the Wounded Warrior Project and the help of the National Ability Center, we’re able to help those that return from battle make a home—not just have a place to live. After all, isn’t that what these brave soldiers fought for?”

We want our Orlando property management clients to understand why we care about these charitable organizations. Below we have provided some information about what each nonprofit does for its community and hero veterans.

National Ability Center

For anyone who has felt that their disability is holding them back, the NAC is here to prove that just because they may be limited in their physical or mental abilities, they can still live life limitlessly. Whether you are a fun-seeker and explorer, camper, or adventurer, the National Ability Center welcomes all. Just because life and circumstances have handed people physical and mental hardships does not mean they should be limited to living life to its fullest potential. The NAC has made it possible for those with disabilities to utilize specialized and adaptive equipment to enjoy the great outdoors, just like anyone who is not living with a disability. The beauty and peace that nature provides can be extremely therapeutic to people from all walks of life. SPM Orlando property managers have been impressed that the NAC offers techniques and teaching methods to help those who have never experienced sports and outdoor recreation previously. In addition to providing the equipment, the NAC allows volunteers to support and assist the disabled beyond their wildest expectations. Through recreational empowerment, the National Ability Center believes it can help people build self-esteem, confidence, and lifetime skills through sport and recreation. 

Recreational Opportunities with NAC

Just when you think a sport would be off-limits for someone living with a disability, the NAC is here to show the way. Property management services in Orlando took it upon themselves to learn more about the recreational opportunities that the NAC provides to those with disabilities or injuries:

  • Water sports are offered to those with all abilities, including stand up paddleboards, canoeing, water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing, or kayaking at lakes and nearby reservoirs. Boats are equipped with adaptive gear to provide a safe and fun environment. White water rafting is also offered for those looking for a thrilling ride or a mild float down the river. Day and overnight rafting trips are available. 
  • Rock climbing is currently taking place indoors at The Hub – a new recreation center developed by the NAC. Whether participants want to boulder close to the ground or reach the top of the rock climbing wall, volunteers can ensure a safe yet challenging experience. Orlando property managers are glad to know that those who never thought rock climbing could be in their skill set, will quickly learn the ropes.  
  • Cycling and mountain biking allows for socialization, physical fitness, confidence, and independence. Each ride is tailored to the participant’s goals.
  • Horseback riding and trail riding are offered in private or group lesson environments. Participants start each lesson by grooming and tacking up the horse, then they can develop skills from walking with a leader to steering independently. 
  • Archery is fun and challenging and allows for friends and family to join. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have low vision or blindness, or use your teeth to shoot the bow, the NAC is there to support and teach every step of the way.
  • Skiing and snowboarding on “The Greatest Snow on Earth” – the slogan coined on Utah license plates, is a popular sport between December and April. It is also a sport that many disabled individuals might write-off. Orlando property managers were happy to learn that disabled and injured individuals can utilize 3-track, 4-track, mono-ski, bi-ski, snow sliders, or snow bikes to experience the fun. Instructors with the NAC are well versed in teaching those with low vision or blindness as well as hearing impaired or deaf. 
  • Snowshoeing allows for growing spatial awareness and improving balance. Participants can adventure through the beautiful Utah mountain ranges in the peace and quiet of winter.
  • Team Flyers is a competitive team made up of athletes with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. These individual athletes can compete in the Special Olympics as they develop high-level sport-specific skills and train year-round. Winter Special Olympic sports include skiing and snowboarding, while summer and fall Special Olympic sports are cycling and fitness.

As you can see, it did not take long for those of us at Specialized Property Management to stand in awe of the incredible work being performed by the National Ability Center. That is why Orlando property managers make it a priority for our company to give back through donations. 

How the National Ability Center is Adapting with COVID-19 

As the country continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Property management services in Orlando and the NAC have made appropriate accommodations. Some of the changes provided by the NAC include environments that promote social distancing, cleaning or equipment, two-week rental opportunities, and virtual programs. 

How the National Ability Center Serves Military Veterans

Specialized Property Management has long been a contributor to the Wounded Warrior Project, which honors and empowers wounded veterans who incurred physical or mental injuries, illness, or wounds while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001. The WWP started as a program to provide wounded veterans with comfort items and necessities. However, it quickly grew into a complete rehabilitation program, assisting those who so bravely served our country transition back into civilian life. One aspect of the National Ability Center that hit home to our Orlando property managers team is the military benefits and programs that are in place in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project.

“For us, it’s personal. Many of us know or have family that have returned from war and we want to do all we can to support the community we live in,” says Jeppson. “If our support can help even one wounded warrior return to full health both physically and mentally, then our efforts were worth it. After all, they gave everything they had for us—why shouldn’t we respond in kind?”

The National Ability Center believes it is important for military veterans and active duty service members to recreate and bond with their families. That is why it hosts military family programs on Monday evenings and Saturdays. The programs and sports for military members and their families are free of charge, as they are covered under the NAC’s military grant.  The National Ability Center also gives military personnel the opportunity to experience camps and expeditions with fellow warriors. 

How You Can Help Just Like SPM’s Orlando Property Managers

If you have been seeking a service opportunity like our Orlando property managers or are looking for a worthy cause to donate to, we would kindly ask that you consider donating or volunteering with the National Ability Center. The organization allows for ambassadors, sponsors, internships, and fundraising. The National Ability Center is funded through donations from businesses, individuals, organizations, NAC Board Members, and community networks. At Specialized Property Management, we believe that giving back to our community is our duty and privilege. We are grateful for the success that we have experienced as a company and want to see others thrive as well. The feeling one gets from giving back is unparalleled as it strengthens our communities, allows for new friendships, and provides opportunities to strengthen our skills and talents. Remember that “the secret to living is giving.” Enrich your life by enriching someone else’s life. Do not let the fear of making a small monetary donation rob you of making a contribution. Every little bit helps. For more information about the National Ability Center, click here. To volunteer, click here or for ways to give, click here.