How To Lower Maintenance Costs

It is never fun to have a maintenance need. Anytime something needs to be repaired or replaced means a cost for any Orlando Management that can immediately take away from your cash flow. So the goal is to have as few unexpected maintenance costs as possible. And to have things in good repair before small problems if ignored  turn into big expenses. One way to do this is with regularly scheduled maintenance inspections, and knowing what to look for in maintaining your property.


Plumbing Issues

Orlando property managers never like the middle of the night maintenance call that there is a plumbing problem. Some problems are just unpredictable, but other situations can be avoided with a little maintenance along the way.  Check for drips where ever you can see a pipe joint in your unit. If a leak is repaired when it is small, then your Orlando property management company can avoid bigger problems. Small leaks not fixed quickly can turn into problems that can cause damage to flooring, cabinetry, and drywall. Then your repairs costs are more than fixing a little drip and may include costly remodeling expenses from major water damage.


Maintenance for Appliances

Some appliances actually don’t perform well after sitting unused for a period of time. A better Orlando property management solution is to be aware of what needs to be occasionally run when a unit is not rented. The garbage disposal can have the blades seize up when not regularly used. Then the entire disposal unit will need to be replaced. When your home is being occupied, make sure the tenant is running the disposal regularly.  Also, always have a maintenance check scheduled for the AC and the furnace. Check these a month before they are needed seasonally to make sure everything is in good working order before they are needed. Scheduled repairs can be less expensive than emergency fixes.


Tenant Selection

Half of maintenance, cleaning, and repair costs can come from your tenants. Choosing your tenants carefully can eliminate many of Orlando property manager’s more costly expenses. Careful tenant screening is an important preventative maintenance idea.  the right tenant will have a sense of responsibility for your property and want to maintain it and respect it. Tenant are also important in spotting small maintenance needs so repairs can be made before these needs turn into bigger repair jobs.


Group Discounts

When you have a professional Orlando property management company helping your with the maintenance responsibilities of your residential rental property, you have access to group discounts on equipment for remodeling jobs, cleaning supplies,  and services from professionals who can get your repairs and maintenance jobs completed correctly.  

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