Frequently Asked Questions

Property managers in Orlando often have questions about the business of rental property but are unsure where to turn for answers.

As the leader in Orlando residential property management, Specialized has the answers to the top ten most frequently asked questions.

  1. How can I get my property rented out quickly?
    • Ensure the property is in rent-ready condition by performing needed maintenance, repairs or improvements before showing, and then market aggressively for the best pool of applicants to choose from.
  2. What can I do to reduce vacancy days?
    • Keeping the property well-maintained and being proactive about tenant retention will increase your stability and improve your cash flow.
  3. How can I streamline the rent collection process to make it less stressful?
    • Enforce the rent cycle strictly, offer online payment options that are directly deposited into your account to achieve greater financial peace of mind.
  4. What is the best way to protect myself legally?
    • Property owners need to keep up-to-date on local, state and federal regulations, laws and compliance issues. An experienced professional property manager in Orlando should provide accurate legal counsel to you.
  5. How can I reduce maintenance costs on my property?
    • Performing regular, proactive maintenance and quickly responding to tenants’ maintenance requests keeps your property maintained and helps avoid tenant turnover. Our owner clients also benefit from savings from our national partnerships and cost-effective maintenance teams.
  6. Will self-managing my property save me money?
    • The job of self-managing rental property is risky business even if you have the time, energy, and expertise to do it. To get the most out of your Orlando residential property management experience, hire our team to take on the headaches for you.
  7. How will paying for professional management affect my cash flow?
    • As a leader in Orlando residential property management, our fees pay for themselves as they lead to fewer costly mistakes, faster tenant placement, and give the best return on investment.
  8. If I trust my rental to professional property managers in Orlando, how will I know what is happening at the property?
    • At Specialized Property Management, our property management policies include transparent communication. Not only do we offer a 24/7 live hotline for both tenant and owner concerns, we also offer an online portal containing all activity related to your property.
  9. How do I choose the best property manager in the Orlando area?
    • As the proven and trusted leader in Orlando residential property management, we want you to compare! We even offer a checklist of questions for you to ask other companies during your interviewing process.
  10. Why should I trust Specialized Property Management as my property management team?
    • Specialized Property Management offers unsurpassed levels of service to our Orlando clients with higher than industry standards and no hidden fees or costs. We also earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating from our clients.


With our business integrity and experience,  Specialized Property Management has become the leader in Orlando residential property management. If you have questions as a property management, trust our experienced team to help!
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