Orlando Property Management Company, SPM, is Conducting Virtual and Remote Showings During COVID-19

So many things have changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in America. Nearly every industry has been impacted to some extent by the Coronavirus. Orlando property management companies are no exception. What used to be a traditional in-person tour of vacant properties has now transitioned into virtual and 3D tours. Lease signings and in-person interactions used to be the norm, but as social distancing continues to be encouraged, many management companies are turning to online signings and online interactions. And while these circumstances will not last forever, at Specialized Property Management, we are happy to adapt to the needs of our tenants and clients. One of the ways that we are continuing to provide clients with exceptional customer service is by offering virtual and 3D tours of vacant properties. 

New Orlando Property Management Company Leasings

The State of Florida, behind New York and California, leads the country as the third highest state with cases of COVID-19, according to the New York Times’ Latest Map and Case Count. While many industries have scrambled to adapt to social distancing guidelines amid COVID-19, Specialized Property Management has been providing 3D tours and virtual tours of vacant properties for a long time now. We started virtual tours long ago for prospective tenants relocating from out of the area. The benefit of virtual tours to Orlando property management companies is its ability to provide 360-degree views of properties. It also allows all parties to feel safe and comfortable with health concerns, but still allows for new tenants to view properties. 360 Technology gives great detail about the properties, providing 360-degree views, video walk-throughs, photos, and interactive floor plans. Renting a property sight-unseen can cause uneasiness for many new tenants. The experts at Specialized Property Management understand that it is difficult to picture yourself living in a property that you have never actually stepped foot in. Virtual tours provide a clear vision of property size, floor plans, appliances, and give the viewer an opportunity to picture themselves living there. 

Benefits to Virtual Tours

  • More Viewers: Going virtual means properties are now receiving higher volumes of traffic. The days of scheduling a time with a leasing professional are in the past. From the comfort of his own couch, a prospective tenant can quickly view and virtually walk through a property. According to Animoto, one of the most popular virtual tour creating softwares, properties are 403% more likely to get viewed and inquired about when there is a virtual tour attached to the listing. Zillow research found that 41% of Millennials report that virtual tours are very important in helping them decide on their next home. Orlando property management company, SPM, expects this trend to continue growing. 
  • Save Time and Money: If you have ever managed your own rental property, you know that one of the most frustrating things during the leasing phase is no-shows. You have taken time out of your day to arrive at the property and meet with prospective tenants, only to be left standing in the driveway waiting and waiting. Virtual tours save property owners time, so they can keep doing the things they love. Better yet, prospective tenants can view a property while you are sleeping. Virtual tours cut down on the number of people who are not serious about renting the property. If someone does want to view the property and has had the opportunity to take a virtual tour, you know they are seriously considering renting. Virtual tours also provide a more accurate description of the property. These days there are many lavish editing softwares for still images, so video tours provide more accurate information from an Orlando property management company. 
  • Safety: Meeting with a stranger, no matter the circumstances, can present risks. Virtual tours eliminate dangerous situations for leasing agents and those looking to rent out my home in Orlando, while still operating at full business capacity. 
  • Better for Renters: Adobo found that 60% of relocating renters reported that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted their search for a new home. Within the study, many renters added comments that they wanted to see floor plans and walk-through videos for properties, in addition to still images.  
  • Better for Investment Owners: Virtual tours allow owners and property managers to catch leads while they are hot. Tenants can now view a property while they are immediately interested in it. No more scheduling and loss of interest. They know within a matter of 5 minutes after finding the listing if they are interested in it. 

Tips for Creating a Virtual Tour

Before you start filming a virtual tour, make sure that the property is cleaned and maintained. This includes touch up paint, floor cleanings, clearing away debris, or any items left behind by the previous tenants. The top Orlando property management company starts by planning a route. A popular location to start is the front door. Knowing your exact route will help the virtual tour look more clean and organized. Experiment and do a few trial runs to determine the best angles, lighting, and route. Remember to include outside video footage of the front and back yards. Highlight the best parts of the property. Some virtual tours even include some video or aerial footage of the neighborhood. If a property is located in an homeowner’s association, include amenities such as pools, parks, and recreational centers. Determine if you want to talk while touring the property. If you would like to include commentary, plan out a script or a few talking points. Otherwise, calming musical instrumentals can provide a nice touch to a virtual tour. If you are not talking during the tour, make certain that you are informative and thorough about the description of the property in writing. Be careful not to make the video too long, as viewers will lose interest. Orlando property management companies are concise, but informative. The length of the video can also be dependent on the size of the property. Creating a virtual tour is easy for anyone with an iPhone or Android phone to create. Virtual tours no longer need to be filmed using fancy or state-of-the-art equipment. 

One-on-One Virtual Tours

If you do not want to create a virtual tour of a property to be viewed in mass numbers, you can offer live virtual tours. Facetime on iPhones, Google Hangouts, and Zoom calls have proven to be easy sources for virtual video tours. Zoom video conferencing has risen to the top of the market as COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation. Zoom reports that more than 300 million participants utilize Zoom calls daily. This is up from 10 million just five months ago. Zoom is easy to use and effective. An Orlando property management company knows that the pro to live virtual tours provide viewers with the opportunity to ask questions and get answers immediately. The downside is that live virtual tours can be time-consuming for landlords and property managers. One tip that landlords and property owners may want to incorporate is that they only conduct live virtual tours for those who have applied to rent the property. This can help weed out prospects who are simply browsing, rather than truly interested. 

Sharing a Listing

Once you have created a virtual tour with video and still images, upload your listing to numerous websites. The more the merrier. There are many free websites available to list Rent Out My Home Orlando rentals, including Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Zillow, or Apartments.com. At Specialized Property Management, we have multiple locations that we list available properties, including our own website. The more places that you list an available property, the more likely you are to gain reliable leads. 

Online Applications

As the Orlando property management company continues with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, Specialized Property Management is accepting online applications for rental properties. Online applications allow for a faster and more secure application process. Specialized Property Management is still able to verify income and applicant identification by providing a link for applicants to upload this information. Landlords can tailor online applications to include questions inquiring about pets, how long they intend to rent, and why they are interested in the property. Streamlining rental applications, along with virtual and 3D tours, has transformed the rental property industry.  

How Specialized Property Management Can Help You

At Specialized Property Management, we consider ourselves experts in all aspects of property management, including virtual tours. We have created hundreds of virtual tours for all types of properties, including those with unique floor plans. We know how to highlight the best aspects of a property and provide a compelling and comprehensive view. In addition to offering virtual and 3D tours, we also offer full-service property management contracts. We can assist rental property investors with marketing and leasing, move-ins, move-outs, maintenance, property inspections, handling of financials, rent collections, and evictions. If you are looking to hire an Orlando property management company, look no further than Specialized Property Management. We offer competitive rates, have more than 30 years of experience, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us today at (407) 682 – 3355.