Orlando Property Management Company, SPM, Expands to Kissimmee

With more than 30 years of experience as an Orlando property management company, Specialized Property Management is proud to offer services in Kissimmee, Florida. SPM is known across the country as a highly rated and trusted property management firm that assists rental property owners in attaining a greater return on investment and limiting liability and risk. The professional staff at SPM has extensive knowledge in property management, rental property maintenance, and fair housing legal compliance. If you want your investment property to be safe and protected, SPM is the only answer. Clients know that their priorities are our priorities and that we do not succeed unless you do. That is why we work efficiently, market rental properties aggressively and professionally, enforce lease agreement compliance, and get more cash flow to our clients.

Why Kissimmee

The Sunshine State offers many beautiful cities to tourists and residents alike. After all, Orlando and the surrounding areas like Kissimmee are known as the Vacation Capital of the World. It comes as no surprise. Orlando property management companies nickname Kissimmee as the golden location where people come to soak up the warm sun, live in waterfront properties, and lounge on white sandy beaches. Dare we mention all the entertainment? Perhaps one of the best draws to Kissimmee besides the warm weather is the affordability. Zillow reports that the median home price is an affordable $230,000 as of 2020. Kissimmee also ranks lower than the rest of the country in healthcare costs and transportation, but if you plan to move to Kissimmee, that spare change will likely go towards entertainment. There is never a dull moment in the entertainment opportunities in and around Kissimmee.

Fun and Entertainment in Kissimmee

The word Kissimme literally translates to “long water”, as the town is located along Lake Tohopekaliga, an oblong-shaped body of water. But the fun and entertainment does not stop on the water. Kissimmee is home to Walt Disney Company’s Town of Celebration. A quaint town to stay or shop that offers famous macaron glacée, a legendary dining experience at Columbia Restaurant, and bike tours of the town. Orlando property management companies also want to remind investors that Kissimmee offers theme park entertainment like Fun Spot America, Old Town Sling Shot, and an aquatics center. If you venture just a few miles towards Orlando, you can find Walt Disney World, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, World of Disney, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Take a zipline tour across gator infested waters, but be careful not to dangle your feet!  Kissimmee is home to more than 400 holes of golf, canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding adventures along Shingle Creek. There is never a lack of opportunities for entertainment in Kissimmee. Residents and tourists can stay active outdoors year-round and soak up the beautiful city of Kissimmee to its fullest.  

Owning a Rental Property in Kissimmee

When you purchase a rental property in a desirable location like Kissimmee, which attracts permanent residents and tourists, you are bound to be successful. Our Orlando property management company experts want to remind investors to check the locations of properties and make certain that the neighborhood or HOA allows for long term rentals. Unlike short term rentals where tourists desire a pool in the backyard, a pool is not such a make or break deal in long term rentals. However, if you do have a pool in your rental in Kissimmee, consider hiring a pool service and maintenance company. Renters generally do not care for pools as well as the property owner does, which can cause expensive repairs and damages to the backyard pool. 

How Kissimmee Rental Property Management Can Help You

Specialized Property Management offers a comprehensive property management service. Rental property owners look to us to handle all things including marketing, rent ready preparations, showings, lease agreement signings, move-ins, property inspections, maintenance, move-outs, evictions, and financials. Take a deeper look at why investment property owners rely on us as their Orlando property management company.

  • Aggressive Marketing: As soon as a property is rent ready, our team of leasing professionals lists the available property for on rent across 30+ different websites, including our own. If a prospective renter is looking online for rentals, which covers the majority of renters, they are sure to come upon our listing. As property managers, we know that every day a property sits vacant is money out of our pockets and the client’s. Investors can expect their property to get rented by highly qualified tenants more quickly than our competitors. 
  • Turnover Preparations: Once a property becomes vacant, Specialized Property Management works efficiently and effectively to schedule proper vendors needed to get the property back in rent-ready condition. This includes licensed and insured vendors used for flooring, paint, maintenance and repairs, landscaping, and cleaning. Our vacant properties are rent-ready in record time, allowing our clients to maximize their occupancy rate and cash flow.
  • Property Showings: In addition to in-person property showings, The leasing professionals at our Orlando property management company in Kissimmee also offer virtual tours of our vacant properties on our website. This increases the likelihood that when a prospective tenant comes to view the property in person, they are already highly interested and likely to put down a deposit. Our professional leasing staff conducts in-person showings of the property and allows tenants to literally picture themselves living in the house. Our virtual tours ensure that prospective tenants do not walk away disappointed, but even more interested than when they arrived.
  • Lease Agreement Signing: Signing a lease agreement can be tedious and overwhelming for new tenants.  It is information overload in a short amount of time. Our experienced team knows the lease agreements like the back of their hands and clearly explains each paragraph to new tenants. Doing so allows tenants and our property management team to be on the same page. Each person knows what is expected of them and when. 
  • Move-ins: Each property is cared for meticulously by our Orlando property management company, and we help to make the move-in process a smooth one. When tenants move in, they are sure to be thrilled with the condition of the property. We allow our tenants to conduct a move-in inspection and walk to property to mark any imperfections they find, if any. 
  • Property Inspections: Our maintenance and expert staff conduct routine property inspections of each rental property to make sure that tenants are in compliance with the lease agreement. They inspect both the interior and exterior of the property to look for any seasonal maintenance or repairs that are needed. It is our firm belief that if Kissimmee rental property management can catch a repair early, we can save our clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair costs. Our leasing team also checks for occupancy, overcrowding, and pet compliance during these routine property inspections.
  • Maintenance: Our 30 plus years of experience serve both us and our clients well. It is because of our longevity in the Orlando property management company industry that we have developed and cultivated long-standing relationships with vendors. We are thrilled to be able to pass our preferred vendor pricing on to our clients, saving them money on maintenance and repairs. The savings in maintenance costs alone are enough to attract rental property owners to Specialized Property Management. All of our vendors are legally licensed and insured to protect us and property investors. 
  • Move-outs: Prior to a tenant vacating, we give them cleaning guidelines so that they have the opportunity to return the property to the condition of when they moved in. We allow vacating tenants the opportunity of a preliminary move out inspection, which gives our property management team the opportunity to see the property and start scheduling vendors, while also explaining the cleaning guidelines to the resident. As soon as our property managers receive the keys to the property indicating that the tenant has vacated, we walk the property and start scheduling the appropriate vendors so that the property can return to rent-ready condition as soon as possible. 
  • Online Portals: Orlando property management companies must keep up with the times of technology. We are proud to offer online rent payments and give our tenants and property investors access to online financial ledgers. Our tenants are also able to request maintenance online, schedule automatic rent payments from their bank account to be withdrawn each month, and communicate with our professional staff. Clients can access their Owner Portal from anywhere that they have an internet connection, allowing them to see progress on rental applications during the leasing stages, view financial statements, and communicate with our staff.

Why You Need to Hire Specialized Property Management, the Best Orlando Property Management Company

Investment property owners who are looking to increase cash flow, gain highly qualified tenants, and limit their risk look to Specialized Property Management. Our staff participates in routine courses to limit liability, stay informed about housing laws and amendments, practice fair housing, and get clients the biggest return on investment that they have ever seen. Say goodbye to the days of headaches and stressful property management as a personal landlord. Call us today at (407) 682-3355

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