How Property Management Orlando Owners Prepare Tenants and Properties for Emergencies

Depending on where you live, you know the natural disasters that threaten your property and family each year. If you are living in California, earthquakes and wildfires are no surprise to you. If you are from the Northeast, you are no stranger to snowstorms that threaten below-freezing temperatures caused by a winter vortex. If you call the South home, hurricanes and tornadoes make an appearance each year. And if you live in a state that borders the Mississippi River, flooding becomes the new normal. If you are uncertain of the natural disasters that threaten where you live, check out the map provided by Service Master Restore. No matter which state you call home, every location has natural disasters. The best way that property owners and property management Orlando companies can prevent damage to their properties, families, and tenants is to be prepared. Below is a list of some of the most common natural disasters and emergencies that face residents of Orlando. Discover how you can prepare and protect your property when these disasters strike. 

How to Prepare for Hurricanes

Property owners who have rental properties located in Orlando should have hurricane precautions in place and exit plans for tenants who occupy the properties. 

  • How Tenants Can Prepare: It is wise to advise tenants to have an emergency backpack or kit in place that is easily accessible. Inside of this emergency kit should be items like non-perishable food, water, a first aid kit, a change of clothes, and some basic hygiene supplies. Property management Orlando professionals can remind guardians and parents that each member of the household, including babies and children, should have an emergency pack. Consider the ages and needs of each household member, including dietary restrictions, pet food, baby food, diapers and wipes, and routine medications. Food storage and disaster relief company, Emergency Essentials, recommends that each household member has water storage of one gallon, per person, per day. Along with packing away the everyday essentials of food and water, place a blanket, a flashlight and batteries, can opener, matches, and cash in your emergency pack. Purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio. In the event of a power outage, these NOAA weather radios can be battery operated and provide residents with information that may be crucial to survival. 
  • How Property Owners Can Prepare: The last thing that property management Orlando teams and private landlords should have to worry about is scurrying to the store to purchase supplies like plywood to protect their property. Have items on hand and at the property location in a storage locker, for easy access. Plywood can easily protect windows from flying debris and at the hurricane’s first warning from weather officials, it will fly off the shelves. It is an affordable and easy solution for protecting a property against hurricane damage. Check weather stripping on doors and seal all windows. Inspect the edge of windows to make sure no leaks can get through. Having a tight seal on windows and doors will also make a house more energy proficient. Remove or tightly tie down any outdoor furniture that could become a potential flying object in strong winds. This includes tree branches and dead or damaged trees. 

Tornado Preparations For Property Management Orlando 

Tornadoes are caused by the merging of warm, moist air with cool, dry air. Tornadoes are also caused by thunderstorms and have the ability to destroy buildings, flip cars, uproot trees, and send deadly debris flying through the air. Orlando, Florida is no stranger to tornadoes. In fact, the Orlando Sentinel reported that NOAA data shows that between the years of 1991 and 2010, the state of Florida averaged 66 tornadoes per year. It is wise to be educated and prepared in the case of a tornado in Orlando.

  • How Tenants Can Prepare: Unlike an earthquake, tornadoes generally come with a warning. A thunderstorm must first be present and weather officials will keep residents informed on tornado sightings. Orlando property management companies want to remind tenants that if severe thunderstorms are in the forecast, stay informed on developments by watching or listening to news reports either on television or through a weather radio. Study and know the signs of a tornado, including the formation of a funnel cloud, the loud freight-train noise that is caused by a tornado approaching, and the sign of the sky turning slightly green. In the event of a tornado touching down, property management Orlando teams advise residents to find a safe interior room or basement. Get to the lowest level of the inside of the house and find the innermost room or lay in the bathtub if you do not have a basement and a tornado is approaching your home. Stay away from windows and doors and use your arms to cover and protect your head. If you are unable to find shelter and are in a vehicle as a tornado approaches, cover your neck and head with your arms, and cover your body with a jacket or blanket. Doing so will protect you from flying debris. 
  • How Property Owners Can Prepare: The NOAA has recorded tornadoes in every state in America and on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica. Given the right conditions, tornadoes can strike anywhere. It is important to reinforce your home and make certain the exterior walls and structure of the house are sturdy and able to support and withstand strong winds. If you have a chimney, property management Orlando recommends hiring a professional to secure it with reinforced steel to prevent it from falling. Designate a safe room in the house and inform tenants of the location. This may include the basement, an innermost room on the bottom floor of the house, or a storm cellar. Make sure that the safe room does not have any windows. Purchase an insurance policy that covers tornado damage and read it carefully so that you understand what is and is not included in tornado damage. 

Preparing for Floods in Orlando

The best way to prepare for a flood is to educate yourself by researching the FEMA map to see if your house is located in a flood zone. Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes, and Florida is known for having torrential rain, although the coastal cities see it more often than the inland cities. Property management Orlando company, Specialized Property Management, wants to remind residents that flooding can happen suddenly and at aggressive speeds. 

  • How Tenants Can Prepare: Flood injuries and deaths are often caused by residents trapped in floodwaters. Stay safe by evacuating an area before floodwaters reach the area. If officials are encouraging you to leave, leave now. Monitor weather reports and know the evacuation route. If floodwaters rise before you are able to get out, seek higher ground. If you are inside of a structure during a flood, get to the top floor, or even the roof, and signal for help. Talk and practice how you will communicate with family members and where you will flee to if separated during the chaos of an evacuation. Prepare 72-hour kit grab-bags packed with food, water, hygiene supplies, blankets, a fresh and dry change of clothes, and a first aid kit. When it is safe to return to the property, once flood levels and receded, your property management Orlando team will contact you. Do not touch electrical equipment and shut off utilities. Use a battery-operated flashlight to examine the structure, not a match or lantern, as flammable gases may be leaking. 
  • How Property Owners Can Prepare: The best way that property and investment property owners can prepare for a flood is to research the flood zones near and around the property by using the FEMA map. Waterproof the basement or lowest level of the house. Florida does not have many basements, as the water table is too high. Though some residents do have daylight basements, where the lowest level of a house is built into a hillside, exposing the backside of the basement. Install a water alarm that will alert you if water is filling up in the lowest level of your house. Purchase flood insurance. Property management Orlando professionals know that standard insurance does not cover flood insurance. The cost of repairs and rebuilding can be excessive in the event of the flood. 


Did you know that Orange County, Florida, experiences the second-highest number of wildfires in the nation? Orlando is the biggest and most well-known city of Orange County. 

  • How Tenants Can Prepare: Put together an emergency grab bag, mentioned above, and know the evacuation routes depending on the direction the fire is traveling. Learn how to receive and stay informed about updates and progress of the wildfire. Leave your residence before a real threat occurs. Cooperate with local authorities during both evacuation and re-entry processes. 
  • How Property Owners Can Prepare: Property owners who own a house that is located near wildland should be extra cautious regarding the threat of wildfires. Property management Orlando experts are telling property owners to create a defense space between their property line and the wildland. Remove dead brush and plants on the property or around the edges of the property lines. 

Stay Educated, Stay Safe

In the event of any natural disaster emergency, residents can stay safe by being prepared, staying informed, and listening to officials. Orlando property management companies want residents to feel safe in their homes. Follow the information listed above to increase your chances of staying safe and protecting your property. 

The property managers at Specialized Property Management Orlando are available 24/7 to help you and your tenants weather any emergency. Schedule a professional rental management quote by calling 407-682-3355.

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