Earn Referral Rewards for your Orlando Rental Property

At Specialized Property Management, we are thrilled to have you as one of our clients. We enjoy working with landlords and investors like you, and sharing our expertise and our resources. The work we do in the Orlando rental market is important to us, and we consider it a privilege to serve you by managing one of your most important investments.

Did you know that as a valued client you can earn referral fees by recommending us to friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone you know who own rental property?

We have a great referral program to tell you about, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

Earning Credits for Orlando Property Management Services

As an investor, you probably know other investors who have rental properties that are occupied by tenants. Perhaps you have heard them complain about how difficult it is to find the best tenants. Maybe they’re having trouble collecting rent or responding quickly to maintenance issues. It’s a common problem for self-managing landlords to find vendors they can trust.

You know what a difference professional property management can make. If you’ve worked with us for any amount of time, you know that we happily and professionally handle everything on your behalf, from marketing the home to screening tenants to negotiating leases and collecting security deposits. We conduct inspections and enforce your lease, all the while ensuring the condition and value of your property is protected.

As our existing client, no one can influence future clients as well as you! We know this, and we are asking for your help in growing our business and spreading the word about how we can help landlords and investors improve the performance of their rental properties.

Naturally, we’ll make it worth your time and energy.

As our client, you earn a credit towards your management services every time you send us a referral that results in a management agreement.

Even better, is there is no limit as to how often you can refer and be rewarded. Send us enough business, and you can come close to paying for your entire property management fees!

Serving the Orlando Real Estate Community

Our experienced and dedicated property management team has been serving the Orlando area for years. We understand the market and the nuances in every local neighborhood. We know what sorts of properties are renting well and we know where work needs to be done. We understand the tenant pool. In some areas of Orlando, upgrades like granite and tile are extremely important. In other neighborhoods, there needs to be a yard for the children and pets. Some tenants are looking for modern apartments downtown.

We love this community, and we have a passion for providing the best possible property management in this local area.

Working with us, you know that we are trustworthy, transparent, and able to deliver the results we promise. If you’ve been happy with the way we have worked for you in Orlando, we hope you’ll be comfortable telling your friends, family, and professional network about the great work we do.

As the trusted Orlando property management leader, you can help us grow right here in our community. You can also feel good about your friends and neighbors getting the same outstanding services that you have come to expect from Specialized Property Management. When you refer someone to us, you know that referral is in good hands with our property management team. Our tools and resources are readily available to our clients, and our experience cannot be matched.

As you know, we are committed to offering rental property investors and their tenants a higher standard of reliable, professional service. We deliver outstanding products and services on a regular basis, and we are prepared to meet the high expectations of everyone we work with.

Now that you have put the property management leaders to work for you, we’re asking you to put us to work for your friends and associates, too. That’s how easy it is to start earning your referral bonus credits. When you call or email with your referral information, our office will tell you more about the program and what happens next.

How to Talk about Specialized Property Management

If you feel like you have a network of people who might benefit from our services, but you’re not sure how to talk about what we do, we have some tips for you.

  • First, ask them how they’re currently managing their investment property. Perhaps they are managing on their own, or maybe they are working with another property management company but they’re not receiving the high quality services they need. Ask what’s working for them and not working for them. Try to remember what it was like for you before you joined the Specialized Property Management family. You were probably a little stressed out, unsure of how to ask for help, and looking for a way to earn more and spend less on your rental property. Share your own stories and try to help them see that they don’t have to handle all these headaches alone.
  • If it seems like they are looking for some advice, don’t hesitate to let them know that we are managing your rental property, and quite successfully. You can share your experience with us and tell your friends or associates what we do to make your life easier and your rental experience more pleasant. You can talk about what we do to make you feel better about handing your investment over to an experienced and competent property management team.

Discussing the Specialized Property Management Services

In addition to discussing your own personal experiences, you should feel empowered to discuss what we do in general. We trust you to answer any questions or provide any information that you think would be helpful to a potential client who needs help with investment properties.

Things to discuss might include:

  • Our leasing services. You can help us let people know that we are able to reduce vacancy times with our strategic marketing campaigns and our aggressive online advertising platforms. We expertly handle the showing process and provide applications that follow fair housing laws and collect all the necessary information. Then, we invest a lot of time and resources thoroughly screening tenants to ensure we choose the most highly qualified resident for your property. We look at income levels, credit, criminal history, and landlord references. Tell your friends and family about our own tenant and your experience putting that tenant in place with our leasing team.
  • Our ongoing management services. We welcome you to talk about the work we do on a daily basis to ensure your tenant is cared for and your property is protected. We conduct inspections of your home, respond to routine maintenance requests, and handle emergency repairs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We enforce your lease and we hold your tenant accountable.
  • Our accounting and bookkeeping services. As you know, we provide our owners with accounting statements that accurately reflect the income and expenses associated with your property. Our clients never have to wonder how their property is performing, and your associates may want to know what we do to keep you organized financially. You can tell them about our easy-to-read financial reports and the tax documents we generate at the end of every year. You could let your friends and family know that we have an online portal, where both tenants and owners can stay up to date and access all the resources necessary for a successful rental experience.
  • Our knowledge of laws and regulations. It’s difficult to keep up with all of the local, state, and federal laws that pertain to landlords and investment property owners. Unless owners have the time and the interest to stay up to date, we can be the best resource. We can ensure that owners and their properties are compliant with all fair housing laws, and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our legal knowledge extends to security deposits, habitability issues, and pets versus service animals.

It’s always a good idea to recommend that people check out our website. There, they can take a closer look at the services we provide. We always love talking to prospective clients as well, so feel free to share our contact information. Your friends and family members are welcome to call us, email us, or fill out their contact information on our website.

InvestThe entire team at Specialized Property Management enjoys working with you. It’s your business that keeps us dedicated to property management in Orlando, and we come to work every day in the hopes that we can serve you better.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your investment experience better. Thank you again for being a valued client.

Remember, it pays to put our experienced team and proven process to work for your friends, family members, and colleagues. Contact us at Specialized Property Management today with any additional questions or concerns.

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