Communicating with Your Orlando Property Manager

It’s always a good idea to work with a professional Orlando property manager, whether you have one rental property or an entire investment portfolio. As successful owners will tell you, this is the best way to earn more on your property and provide a better rental experience for your tenants.

Professional residential management comes with many benefits. But, to really take advantage of all the value and service that a professional can deliver, you need to understand the importance of communication.

As experienced property managers, we have some good ideas on how to communicate well with your property manager.

Professional Property Management Benefits

Two of the best reasons to hire a property manager are: you get your time back, and you can forget a lot of the stress and pressure that comes with managing a property on your own. With a property manager in place, you will free yourself from the hassles, disputes, and misunderstandings that often occur with tenants. You won’t have to worry about accidentally violating the law, and you can leave all the details involved in full-service management and leasing to your management partners.

Property managers protect you and your investment. With a detailed knowledge of all local, state, and federal laws, your manager will ensure you and your property comply with all the current and updated regulations. You won’t have to worry about violating fair housing laws with a misstep in your marketing, and you won’t have to worry about missing habitability standards because you waited too long to make a repair.

Working with a company like Specialized Property Management, all of the accounting associated with your rental property is handled for you. You’ll receive statements and reports, and you’ll be kept up to date with the screening and leasing process as well as all of the income and expenses generated by your tenant and your property.

Keeping Rental Property Owners Informed

We are proactive about managing every detail. However, we know you want to stay informed. Our team is ready to work with you and provide any level of communication you need to feel comfortable.

Some of the owners we work with are hands-on with their rental properties, and they appreciate that we’ll consult with them before making any decisions. Some of the owners we work with are busy doing other things, and they appreciate that they can leave the decisions to us. We’ll get in touch with those owners only when it’s necessary.

A good management company is flexible. We customize our services and communication methods to whatever works best for you.

For more than 35 years, our professional team of property managers, leasing agents, and support staff at Specialized Property Management have done a stellar job of keeping the lines of communication open with our clients.

We accomplish this in three specific ways.

Providing an Online Property Management Portal

Our communication strategies start with our technology. Our owners have access to an online portal that’s easy to use, secure, and convenient. This tool can be accessed on your own time and in your own space. You’ll have the ability to review everything that’s going on with your tenant and your property.

We invite you to log onto your portal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, and you can easily use your computer, a laptop, or a mobile device. Even your phone can get you onto the portal. This is especially great for owners living outside of the state or the country. If you’re in a different time zone, it’s hard to make phone calls when you have a question. Instead, you can log onto the portal and look for what you need, or send us a message.

The online portal we provide gives you a whole menu of options. If you want to take a look at your recent financial statements and evaluate your rental income over the last quarter, you can see it. When you want to know what you spent on maintenance over the course of a tenancy, you can run that report. You can look at the incoming rent that was collected and generate a plan for paying expenses like your mortgage, insurance, taxes, and HOA fees.

Check the tenant’s rental payment history, which is especially valuable if you’re trying to decide whether you want to renew a lease at the end of a tenancy. On your portal, you can also look at work orders and review inspection reports, which will always include photos and detailed reports. We believe it’s important to document everything that goes on. Not only does it keep you informed, it also creates an important record that can support the decision to repair or replace things in your home. If there are insurance claims or tenant disputes, this information can be used to help settle otherwise sticky matters.

One of the features our owners especially love about this portal is the ability to communicate by sending messages. When there’s an issue that isn’t completely urgent, send us a message to share your concerns or ask your questions. We’ll respond as soon as we can. If phone calls are difficult for your schedule, log onto your portal, send a message, and know that you’ll be heard.

Tenants also have access to an online portal, which they can use to pay rent online, set up rental payment reminders, or even schedule automatic rent payments. They can also use the portal to send us messages or edit personal information. This online access that we provide to both owners and tenants goes a long way in making communication more accessible and convenient.

Call Us on the Phone for Live Support

Technology helps us manage your Orlando rental properties more efficiently, and it gives us a way to communicate with you immediately and with total transparency. However, we do understand that not everyone prefers to communicate in the same way. If you prefer to unplug once in a while, we also have a way to communicate that’s easy and responsive. You can simply call us on the phone – just like you did 20 or 30 years ago. Having a live person to talk to can be reassuring, and if that’s more preferable than an online portal, we have you covered.

Call us anytime you need a question answered. At Specialized Property Management, we have someone available to pick up the phone and talk to our clients whether it’s early in the morning or later at night. We have a hotline that’s answered 24 hours a day. So, if there are any tenant emergencies, they will be addressed right away. It might be a repair issue or a safety issue, and we know those things cannot wait, which means we’ll do our best to answer any call and respond immediately. Every tenant is provided with our phone number, and has been given instructions on the process of how to handle emergencies. We protect your property and keep you in the loop when something happens that requires an instant response.

This 24-hour hotline is for owners as well as tenants. If you have an urgent issue or a sudden need, contact us by phone and we’ll be there to answer, whether your call comes in during regular business hours or over the weekend. Answering the phone is a responsive and well-trained property management team who is available and ready to serve you. Maybe you have a simple question or a complex project that requires a plan and a strategy. Either way, we’re here to answer the phone and welcome your calls for help.

Providing Leasing Updates on Your Property

The leasing period can be a period of anxiety when you’re renting out a property. We know that minimizing your vacancy time is important, and you want to have that rental income flowing immediately. You also want to know that the pool of Orlando tenants considering your property is a well-qualified one. While we’re finding you the best tenant who pays rent on time and takes good care of your property, we want to keep you involved. So, communication is especially necessary during the important and urgent leasing period.

When your property is on the rental market, we’ll send you weekly updates. You’ll receive details on how showings went and whether any applications were submitted. You will always know how many prospective tenants asked about your property, visited your property, and applied for it. Any time we receive feedback, we’ll tell you about it. This can be a valuable way to price your home properly and make any small upgrades or updates that might make a difference in the leasing process.

As applications begin to get screened, we’ll share all the pertinent information about our thorough and rigorous screening process. You’ll hear who we think should be approved and denied for your home, and we’ll consult with you about the tenant we ultimately place.


Constant communication is the standard with Specialized Property Management. We know that it’s important, and we know that poor communication is one of the reasons that many investors and owners leave their property management companies.

Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you. Contact us today at Specialized Property Management in Orlando.

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