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The Most Common Mistakes Orlando Landlords Make

While it is clear that rental property is a smart financial investment, all too often, investors do not realize the complexities of managing that investment. Here at Specialized Property Management, we love to help rental property owners improve cash flow, efficiency, and stability. We often see new landlords and even experienced investors make the same […]

Why Single-Family Homes are a Wise Investment in Orlando

Specialized Property Management has been managing properties in Orlando for over 35 years. When we entered the property management business, we wanted to focus all of our energies and resources on single-family rental properties. This was a unique position because, in those days, Orlando was a much different market, and most of the rental properties […]

Communicating with Your Orlando Property Manager

It’s always a good idea to work with a professional Orlando property manager, whether you have one rental property or an entire investment portfolio. As successful owners will tell you, this is the best way to earn more on your property and provide a better rental experience for your tenants. Professional residential management comes with […]

Why Orlando Investors Should Work With a Property Management Company

As a rental property investor, you are looking for an affordable, reliable property manager who will take care of the hassles and frustrations associated with your rental property so you don’t have to. At the same time, you want to continue getting a good return on your investment. Specialized Property Management is committed to helping […]