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Searching for the best property management company for your rental property investment is imperative to your success as an investor. If you are looking for experience, trustworthiness, integrity, knowledge, reliability, efficiency, professionalism, and a team that can increase your cash flow unlike you have seen before, you have come to the right place. Specialized Property Management in Orlando and Altamonte Springs has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and has seen it all. That is why when investors find Specialized Property Management, they need to look no further. Our tried and true practices have served both us and our clients well in protecting their investments and investment goals. We offer a complete property management service that covers all of your property management needs including:

  • Full marketing and leasing services of vacant properties
  • Professional property showings
  • Online rental applications
  • Rigorous tenant screening policies
  • Lease signings
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance
  • Routine Property Inspections
  • Lease renewals
  • Move outs

Our goal is to take the stress out of managing a rental investment property, so that you can sit back and enjoy the financial rewards of your investment. Leave the daily hassle and headache of property management to us. You won’t regret it.

“It has been so amazing to work with Specialized Property Management on my short term rental.  As a first time rental property owner, I was completely relieved to have SPM take over the property in a professional and courteous manner. They were available to both myself and the tenant whenever we called or had a question.  I would definitely refer SPM and utilize their services again!!!”

Sabrina Zaleski

What We Do For Property Owners

At Specialized Property Management in Orlando and Altamonte Springs, we specialize in single-family home rental properties. We know our local housing market, how to target qualified renters, and how to get investors the greatest return on investment they have ever seen before. We price match guarantee and guarantee the property management fees. Clients should never have to wonder from month to month if their management fees will increase. Whether you are new to owning an investment rental property, or you have multiple properties that you have owned for many years, SPM Altamonte Springs leasing professionals can up your expectations. We understand that managing a rental property is often more than investors bargained for, leaving them feeling defeated, stressed, and incompetent. That is where we come in. You can enjoy the cash flow of the investment rental property without the headaches.   

Full Marketing and Leasing Service

Our full marketing and leasing services utilize technology by aggressively marketing your rental property across more than 30 rental websites that are sure to be trafficked by potential renters, including our own website. We keep up with the times and offer virtual tours of all of our rental properties so that renters can virtually picture themselves in the property, as well as get an idea of the space and layout better than ever before with still photos. Offering virtual property tours helps us to stay efficient in property management in Orlando. When an interested prospect contacts us for a showing, they are likely very interested in the property and nearly ready to place a deposit on it because our virtual tour is as if they have already walked through the property once before. This allows us more time to better serve clients and tenants and reduces the number of showings to people who were only mildly interested in the property, just to walk away empty-handed. 

“SPM did a great job of marketing my rental property and would recommend them to any owner looking for a solid tenant. Keep up the great work!”

John Greb

Online Applications to Rent and Diligent Screening Process

Applications to rent are carefully considered, as our experienced Altamonte Springs property management team weighs the risks of applicants against our rigorous screening standards. We uphold high standards for applicants in order to reduce investor’s risk of evictions and problem tenants. We verify employment, conduct credit and background checks, contact previous landlords and property management companies, and require income proof. We pride ourselves on following and complying with all fair housing laws to eliminate discrimination in property management in Orlando.

Custom Lease Agreements 

The SPM leasing staff organizes and presents a professional, tailored lease agreement to new tenants prior to their move-in date. Each lease is custom-designed for each individual rental property to ensure that the home is in the best shape possible during occupancy and after move-outs. The top priority of SPM is to protect a client’s investment property. Without the proper care and protection, rental properties can quickly lose value and incur expensive maintenance. The lease agreement protects clients, tenants, and the property. The expert leasing staff at SPM Altamonte Springs clearly explains the lease agreement rules and expectations to tenants so that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them and when. We enforce strict rent collection policies and lease agreement compliance with all rules including pets, occupancy, maintenance, safety, and cleanliness. SPM is proud to offer online rent payments so that tenants can enroll in autopay and clients get paid faster. Financial ledgers are available online for tenants and clients to view at their convenience from anywhere in the world. 

Affordable and Preventative Maintenance in Property Management in Orlando

Keeping maintenance costs low is important to SPM. We strive to keep operating costs low so that clients can maximize their cash flow. One way that SPM is able to keep maintenance costs low is by performing routine biannual property inspections. Conducting property inspections is included in the property management fee, and it allows our professional staff to catch maintenance problems early. The longer a maintenance problem goes undetected or unreported, the more expensive it can be and the more damage it can cause. Our longevity in the Altamonte Springs property management industry has allowed us to establish long-standing relationships with vendors who give us preferred pricing on services and parts. Routine property inspections also allow SPM to validate lease compliance inside the property. We gain access to the property and conduct a thorough inspection checklist. 

Turnover Efficiency

Move-outs and turnover can cost property owners a big chunk of cash. That is why Specialized Property Management in Orlando strives for high tenant retention by treating tenants with respect and by responding quickly to requests and inquiries. Specialized Property Management is known throughout the industry for nurturing long term tenancies. However, when a move-out does occur, tenants and investors can expect quality and efficient service. Tenants are given a move-out checklist prior to vacating that informs them of all move out cleaning standards. Upon moving out, a member of our professional staff will promptly inspect the property, schedule proper vendors, and work quickly to ensure the property is back up and running to hit the rental market in record time. 

“SPM was great!!! They worked with me very closely and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. I look forward to working with them for years to come.” 

Janice Velez

Local Expertise in Altamonte Springs

Nobody does property management better than us. Our vacancy rates are lower than our competitors, our leasing times are faster, our integrity and your bottom line are at the forefront of our minds on a daily basis. Our professional leasing team in Altamonte Springs are local and live in the community where they are managing rental properties. Our professionals in property management in Orlando and Altamonte Springs know the market rates, the attractive neighborhoods, amenities, local hot spots, and easiest routes of commuting for work. Prior to listing a property for rent, a market analysis is conducted on the available rental property to guarantee that you get top dollar for their rental property because your success is our success. Our friendly staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions pertaining to your rental property, and online features allow clients to access financials and see updates regarding their property during the leasing phase. When you sign up with Specialized Property Management, you know you are signing up for success. 

“The team there is willing to listen and solve problems! I highly recommend using them!”

Joe Berlingeri

Why You Need to Hire Specialized Property Management 

Managing your own rental property can be time-consuming, meticulous, and more than you bargained for in the end. It requires extensive knowledge and expertise in many areas, including fair housing laws. One slip or one misstep and investors can find themselves in hot water. Maximize your return on investment and let the pros handle the daily stresses of property management in Orlando while you reap the rewards. With more than three decades of experience, you are sure to feel safe in our hands. Take the safe and the smart route and protect your investment by hiring the professionals at Specialized Property Management in Altamonte Springs. Call our professional leasing team today.

“Great job from Specialized. I have referred them to multiple customers and they are all very happy. Thank you again to everyone there.”

Joseph Pacholski
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