After being a rental property investor, you discover it’s more complex than it seems. The longer someone has invested, the more likely they are to hire a professional property management team so that they can enjoy the rewards of owning rental property without having to go through frustrating red tape, expensive mistakes, and stressful interactions with renters. Specialized Property Management Orlando, one of the top-rated Orlando professional property management companies, we help you save so that you can focus your money and time on what matters most to you.

Our complete suite of services includes every aspect of the rental process to help your rental property be successful, including:

  • Inspections & Help with Rent-Ready Preparations
  • Aggressive Advertising to Lease Available Properties
  • Rental Showings, Including Live and Video Tours
  • Thorough Application Screening for Reliable Tenants
  • Lease Execution and Compliance with Legal Regulations
  • Electronic Rent Collection, with Eviction Protection Options
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance for Property Care & Repairs
  • Proactive Lease Renewal and Efforts to Retain Tenants
  • Management of Tenant Move In and Move Out
“As a property owner, it is evident that they have my best interest in mind; promptly addressing tenant’s concerns and meeting their and my expectations. Their professionalism as a business and business partner is exceptional.”
—Alfonso Flores


We offer comprehensive services to support you throughout every stage of the rental cycle.

Specializing in Orlando Property Management

With Specialized Property Management Orlando, you get a highly experienced team that knows Orlando property management and the Orlando market.

The rent market changes frequently depending on location. The Specialized Property Management team knows what affects rental owners like locals do, because we are local. We can give the best tips on how much to charge for rent and offer advice on future investments. Our extensive experience in the Orlando area can also protect owners when it comes to legal matters.

Choose Specialized Property Management in ORLANDO

When you need an Orlando property management company you can trust.

Specializing in Reliable Tenant Selection

Each day that someone is not occupying your rental property is going to cost you money, so your Specialized team has a way to make every day count and decrease vacancies. Our skilled marketing online includes virtual and live tours, online applications, and application screening and background checks.

This online process helps make sure that only the best and most responsibly applicants are chosen. It includes credit, employment, criminal, and past rental checks. After everything is signed and tenants have moved in, your team offers responsive service to maintain happy tenants who will continue to renew their leases which also helps avoid vacancies. Because of the proven systems we have in place, we are able to lease properties faster than other property management teams while continuing to receive outstanding tenant and client reviews.

Rental Property Tenant Selection

We respond promptly to tenant requests

This increases tenant retention while keeping maintenance costs down.

Your Orlando Team Specializes in Cost Effective Maintenance

Our 24-hour maintenance hotline provides quick-response service for repairs and emergencies.

When you work with Specialized, you can trust us to take the call at 1:00 a.m. that the washing machine is broken. You also don’t have to pay retail rates to fix things. Rather, you reap the rewards of our professional service and wholesale pricing—at the same time avoiding the increased cost of problems that have been neglected and become a crisis. Clients can choose to have their rental properties regularly inspected to address issues before anything becomes too costly and difficult.

Stay informed 24/7 with your
online owners portal

Review leasing progress, maintenance requests,
renter history, and even monthly financial statements.

Specializing in Communication

We know it can be scary to trust people with your investment. Property management requires a team that is proficient in several areas, including open and honest communication. Though you may not be in the thick of the everyday things, you still need to know what is happening with your property. At Specialized Property Management Orlando, communication is key to our success. You can rely on us to get you the information you need when you want-without having to worry about the day to day hassles of trying to do it all on your own.

Property Management Customer Service